Benefits of mindfulness

Being mindful allows us to become more aware of our stream of thoughts and feelings and to see how we can become entangled in them in ways that are not always helpful.

Mindfulness can;

  • improve our sense of wellbeing
  • relieve stress and help with stress related symptoms
  • cultivate compassion
  • help us keep balance in our lives
  • improve our sleep
  • help lift low mood
  • improve our focus
  • promote resilience within our lives

We can learn to notice when we are caught in a cycle of unhelpful brooding. As we deal with this better, how we feel about ourselves and our lives can improve and be enriched. Once learned, these skills are with us lifelong.



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  • Tina
    I have a better way of coping with life's pressures. Thank you because it's been life changing!
  • Adam
    So grateful for this course. I feel very much more aware of what is going on in my mind and body and capable of being with and processing these.
  • Paul
    The course covered more than I thought it would. It has helped in breaking from patterns of behaviour, not taking things too seriously and enjoying things more.
  • Tracey
    It has made me more aware of habitual behaviours and feelings. Great course.
  • Angela
    Really excellent course which I enjoyed enormously. It has contributed to my awareness, helped me understand and know myself better, together with being more compassionate to myself — comprehensive material, handouts excellent.
  • Mark
    The sessions were structured but also free-flowing, which helped me understand the topics better.
  • Alison
    Huge thanks to Gail, for providing such a sanctuary in the middle of my chaos. I will be forever grateful for what this course has given and taught me.
  • Jolene
    I rarely react to unpleasant situations now. I sort problems faster and have a much happier relationship with myself. I have broken down some internal barriers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!