“A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting.” – Henry David Thoreau

Mindfulness for Living

This is an 8-week course hosted at Studio Yoga.

The next course starts on Tuesday April 30th

Time 1pm – 2.30pm

Numbers are limited to 8.

£280 which includes a course guidance booklet, meditation recordings, a 1:1 session and follow up session


Mindfulness is taught using an 8-weekly, 2-hour class that includes psychological guidance, formal meditation and movement practices, and teacher-led discussion and inquiry with daily home practices and exercises.

We learn to recognise habitual, unhelpful reactions to difficulty and stress and learn instead of a more helpful way to deal with them. We focus on specific patterns of negative thinking that we may all experience from time to time, how they affect us, and how we can deal with them more skillfully.

If you are generally feeling at odds with yourself, have a sense of missing out on moments of pleasure and joy, or are experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood or recurrent depression, this course could help you.

The course is progressive; each week needs to be attended as it builds on the previous session. Life can intervene though, so I am happy to catch people up for an occasional session – one of the benefits of keeping the group small.

The home practice is very much part of learning this way of being in our lives, so there does need to be a willingness to commit to it during the course. It involves one or two meditations, 15-20 minutes each along with other short exercises to discuss during the next session. There is no expectation that everyone contributes to the discussions! However, it is beneficial for your learning.

I also offer a one-to-one session to everyone during the second half of the course.

The course fee covers all sessions, an extra 9th session as a catch up 3-4 weeks after the end of the course, recorded meditations, an information pack covering each week and the one-to-one session.

As we become kinder to ourselves, we start to develop greater compassion for ourselves and others.

You will learn to deal more skilfully with the stresses and strains of daily living and by doing so, will also become more aware of what is positive and helpful in your life.

By practising the skill of deliberately paying attention to what happens in our minds and bodies, we become more familiar with the workings of our mind and its patterns and habits.

You will learn to spot your own “buttons” or warning signs early before stress, or negative feelings become too overwhelming. You can then make plans for how best to respond, rather than reacting in the old familiar, often unhelpful ways. Reactions tend not to resolve issues, whereas a calmer response may do.

Research shows that practising mindfulness has many benefits. We have evidence that mindfulness-based programmes reduce anxiety, depression, and stress and help people cope with illness and pain. Some studies show that the practice of mindfulness increases positive moods and cultivates compassion for self and others. It may also improve some forms of attention and memory, and there is also some evidence that practising mindfulness has measurable effects on the brain. With practice, we can develop new neural pathways in the brain so we can choose our responses to stressful events rather than reacting automatically.


(Nature Reviews Neuroscience 16, 213-225:Tang, Holzel, & Posner, 2015).

Silent mornings practice

9:30am – 12:30pm.

Offered with no charge to those who have done courses with me.



These mornings are designed for anyone who has already done a Foundation course in Mindfulness, either with me or any teacher trained within the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Criteria. They start with a 30-minute discussion around a theme followed by a guided series of sitting, movement and walking meditations done in silence. There is also a mindful hot drink in the morning!

Please contact me if you would like to book a place.

Monthly meditation sessions

Meditation sessions offered to those who have done a course with me, varying dates each month.


These are drop-in sessions and include two meditations with a short inquiry time.

Please contact me if you would like to book a place.

Beyond the Basics

At Studio Yoga

Next Course 2024 TBA

Numbers are limited to 10.



This course is designed for anyone who has already done a Foundation course in Mindfulness, either with me or any teacher trained within the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Criteria. I would also recommend that the Foundation Course was done at least a year before joining this one and that you have a regular meditation practice to gain the maximum benefit and understanding of the course.

  • This course revisits the core themes of the Foundation course exploring the role and different aspects of the meditations and mindfulness within our lives in greater depth.
  • Understanding of the inquiry process and its use is explored in more detail.
  • The different teachings within the Foundation course are further drawn together illustrating the common themes.
  • The cognitive neuroscience current research into mindfulness is discussed and how we can now see this linking to Buddhist teachings.

“This has made me look into my own practice so much more.”

“Really enjoyed the course and found it very enlightening.”

“It has helped me understand myself a lot more as well and what is going on at a subliminal level that I had not been truly aware of”

“I especially loved the last one with the introduction of the science.”

You can book this course on the Studio Yoga website here…

Living Well Workshop

Next Course 2024 TBA

Join BWY teacher Tamsin Kelly, www.studioyoga.co.uk, and Dr Gail Loudon, Elderly Care doctor at the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and mindfulness teacher, to explore ways of keeping yourself in good shape for the future, whatever your age now. “Now” is always a good time to start investing in yourself!


We are living longer. But not with greater quality of life in our later years. Research suggests that despite our lengthening life span, the average age when our health starts to decline has remained unchanged. So how do we make sure those extra years are as good as possible? Our genetic make-up affects how we age, but, fortunately, so do lifestyle choices we can control!

This workshop will include yoga, discussions on aspects of healthy physical and psychological living and mindfulness practices. Our aim is to reduce the effects of stress, to improve flexibility and movement, maintain strength in major muscle groups and improve posture and balance.  We’ll also examine lifestyle factors such as diet, bone health, the role of general activity and the benefits of social interaction. It’s never too late to start, but like saving for a pension, it’s good to plan ahead. The more you look after yourself in mid-life, the more potential you have for a healthy, long life. Think of this as ‘future-proofing’ your body and mind!

No previous experience of yoga or mindfulness needed for this workshop. Suitable for everyone. Booking via www.studioyoga.co.uk/timetable

Art Creativity and Mindfulness

Taught jointly with Kate Measham, artist.

  • Tutors: Dr Gail Loudon, Kate Measham
  • April 4th, 11th and 18th
  • 10.00am – 1.00pm
  • £110/course
  • Mottisfont Village Hall, Between Stockbridge and Romsey, Hampshire

This course is for anyone who has an interest in exploring mindfulness through art, and anyone seeking a way to help with anxiety through mindful art. We will be using art to make us more aware of how our thought cycles might impact our lives. We will encourage awareness through mindful focus.

No previous experience of art or mindfulness is needed.

Find out more here: https://artdrawpaint.com/art-creativity-and-mindfulness-2024/

1:1 course

These are available in certain circumstances. Contact me for details.